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Carthago Highliner Motorhomes For Sale
Carthago Highliner
The payload World Champion – the Carthago Liner class
You have arrived at the top and that is why the highliner on an Iveco-Daily chassis suits you so well. Its genes portray the Liner premium class. That can be easily seen in the seat position in the raised driver’s cabin module with double shell and insulated all around as well as the extra thick walls with a total thickness of 48 mm. Highlights are the innovative dashboard in motor yacht design and the wooden-leather steering wheel that can be swivelled away to the front to allow the drivers cab seat to be turned in comfort. The innovative exterior bus hatches on both sides can be noticed that, when looking at them for the first time, gives you an idea which extremely large storage space there is behind it. The extra-large water and battery reserves guarantee high self-sufficiency - even on longer trips.

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