Malibu Camper Vans

Do you want more? More travel comfort, more quality, more sophistication?

If so, the Malibu van is your perfect holiday companion. It combines the compact dimensions of a van with the comfort claim of a large motorhome. There are many vans, but only one Malibu van. It is the van full of innovation. Be it in the concept or the detail – the experience of more than 40 years of motorhome construction and the ingenuity of its developers is in every Malibu van. The product of many years of work. You can feel it on every day of your holiday. For example, in the unique living and sleeping comfort, the unbelievably large and functional storage space which has been worked out to the last detail, in the complex and comprehensive main body insulation for travelling 365 days of the year or in the extremely stable furniture construction with long-term quality.

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