Mandi Bottle - Database Administrator

Mandi joined Southdowns as housekeeper in 2011, following that with a four-year service as a valeter. She was first interviewed for our website in Spring 2015 but the last couple of years have seen her taking on more and more responsibilities within the company. We interview here again in summer 2017.

Mandi Bottle Database AdministratorQ What made you want to take on a new role within the company?
A I had filled in for Alyson our Sales Administrator, who also works on the reception desk a few times when she was on holiday and I really enjoyed it. It was interesting to do something different and so when the database administrator vacancy came up, I applied and got the job.

Q What does the job involve?
A On a day-to-day basis I answer the phones at reception, meet and greet customers as they come into the showroom and manage the Southdowns customer database. We use Infusion, which is a complete information system and means we can keep up-to-date records of everything relating to our customers. I can check when their motorhomes were purchased, remind them when MOTs are due, find out when they last came in to see us, update Warranties and generally provide the kind of customer care they expect from us.

Q How do you feel about your new role so far?
A It was daunting at first but I’m really enjoying it so far, although it’s a far more challenging role than the job I was doing before so there is plenty to learn. It’s good to be working with Alyson and Sara Bennett (Sales Administrator) who have really helped me. I’m learning something new every day which makes the work interesting – and I still finish early on a Thursday so I can look after my granddaughters. Laya is just over a year old so I want to spend as much time with her and my older granddaughter Keira, as I can.

Mandi lives locally in Anchorage Park and is married to Southdowns Workshop Manager Andy Bottle.