2020 Burstner Models

Southdowns Motorhome Centre is pleased to announce the arrival of new Burstner motorhomes for the 2020 season. Find out more about the range of Burstner models by clicking below:

Burstner Argos MotorhomesBurstner Argos Motorhomes
Burstner Elegance MotorhomesBurstner Elegance Motorhomes
Burstner Ixeo T Motorhomes
Burstner Ixeo T Motorhomes
Burstner Ixeo TL Motorhomes
Burstner Ixeo TL Motorhomes

Burstner Travel Van
Burstner Travel Van Motorhomes
Burstner Lyseo TD Harmony Line MotorhomesBurstner Lyseo TD Harmony-Line Motorhomes
Burstner Lyseo Time T Limited MotorhomesBurstner Lyseo Time T Limited Motorhomes
Burstner Lyseo M Harmony Line MotorhomesBurstner Lyseo M Harmony Line Motorhomes

Harmonious interior design. Intelligent use of space. Ergonomic layouts. These are the core values of Burstner motorhomes. Every single Burstner is a comfortable place to be, allowing you to have an enjoyable holiday. The interiors in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living areas of these mobile homes have an exceptional level of detail. They combine an excellent use of space with state-of-the-art technology and automotive design. Additionally, with a number of different fittings and colour options available, you can customise your motorhome to your tastes.

For over 30 years Burstner has been at the forefront of design and innovation in the motorhome industry. Originally starting as a furniture workshop, they brought their design sensibilities to caravans and then motorhomes in 1986. Since then they have released several pioneering motorhomes including the Burstner Ixeo. This range of motorhomes drove Burstners success by taking a new approach to the layout and construction of the vehicle. Other innovations include the first longitudinal fold-down bed in a low-profile with the Ixeo TL. This new design allowed for better functionality and a more flexible layout. Fast forward to the 2020 season and Burstner is still at the forefront of motorhome innovations with their flagship ranges: The Lyseo and Ixeo. From the City Car to the Elegance, Burstner’s philosophy of unique design and focus on quality can be found in every one of their motorhomes.

“In a Bürstner, you feel at home right from the very start. Which is why we call our vehicles motorhomes rather than recreational vehicles. And campers instead of caravans. Bürstner creates unique living spaces for people who love to be on the move. The difference lies in the “comfort and well-being” typical for Bürstner.”

Jens Kromer CEO of Bürstner

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