2020 Carthago Models

Southdowns Motorhome Centre is pleased to announce the arrival of the new Carthago motorhomes for the 2020 season. Find out more about the range of Carthago models by clicking below.

Carthago C-Tourer T
Carthago C-Tourer T Motorhomes
Carthago Chic C-Line T

Carthago Chic C-Line T Motorhomes
Carthago C-Compactline

Carthago C-Compactline Motorhome
Carthago C-Tourer I

Carthago C-Tourer I Motorhome

Carthago Chic C-Line
Carthago Chic C-Line Motorhome
Carthago Chic E-Line
Carthago Chic E-Line / Chic E-Line Linerclass / XL Motorhomes
Carthago Chic S-Plus

Carthago Chic S-Plus Motorhomes
Carthago Liner-For-Two

Carthago Liner-For-Two Motorhomes

Carthago stands out as being one of the most consistent high-quality brands there are. Over the years Carthago has developed an outstanding range of motorhomes, and for 2020 this is no different. Offering top quality ranges in low-profile motorhomes, and award-winning A-Class motorhomes. Every Carthago motorhome is built with their promise of value with their premium DNA. This DNA is characterised by the innovations that make Carthagos stand out, such as their premium-class body construction, the biggest storage space in their class, well-thought-out heating technology and weight balance distribution. All of this comes together to make every Carthago an exceptional and unmistakable vehicle!

40 years of experience in the field flow into every stage of development and manufacturing. Every innovation and idea is implemented in practice to make every day travelling as enjoyable and comfortable for the user. This philosophy is applied to every Carthago from their low-profiles to their A-Class Liners.

Carthago’s core competency is their A-Class premium motorhomes. They offer a motorhoming experience that is like driving around on a luxury hotel. They provide an exceptional amount of space and functionality whilst not sacrificing on quality. The sleek “Carthago personality” is instantly recognisable both inside and out.

Malibu is also under the Carthago brand. Their campervans offer a counterbalance to the larger A-Class motorhomes. For those looking for a great entry point into motorhoming then these are a perfect option. Featuring unique but stylish designs, they share the same Cathago characteristics when it comes to their build quality.

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