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Burstner Motorhomes

Every single Burstner mobile home is a comfortable place to be, ensuring you have an enjoyable holiday. The interiors in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living areas of these mobile homes have an exceptional level of detail. They combine an excellent use of space with state of the art technology and automotive design. Additionally, with a number of different fittings and colour options available, you can customise your motorhome to your tastes.

The Camper Vans by Burstner are a true everyday hero. Being compact and homey at the same time is what sets these apart. Burstner’s Lyseo Harmony Line provide a three room apartment on the move. Everywhere you look, you experience more freedom, greater comfort and better ergonomics.

The Burstner Lyseo Time I combines form, design and function in its own way. Even your first glance through the front windshield looks different and fascinating and you’ll experience the passing landscape as a new panorama every day. The Ixeo TL was the first semi-integrated motorhome to feature a fold down bed and set new standards in its field.

Burstner’s IXEO I provides sophistication and elegance. You can experience the feeling of being on the road in a modern motorhome with this newly designed Burstner. The Elegance is the flagship model in the Burstner fleet. Its striking design, distinctive good looks, and clean lines extend from its expressive face to its masculine rear. With this model, a 5-star luxury holiday awaits you with its lavish standard features and many additional functional details.

Quality with a hint of luxury; that’s the Argos. Fitted as standard with virtually all the conveniences, it boasts features like the premium cabin door, aluminium frame windows and hot water heating system.

Here at Southdown Motorhomes, with the extensive range of Burstner motorhomes that we stock, you are sure to find something to suit your needs. Whether it is a holiday for two, or a complete family affair, we have options to suit any sized party. Plus, with the luxury finish of these models, you will be holidaying in style. 

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