If you enjoy travelling and exploring far and wide, then you’ll need somewhere to rest your head at night. Hotels can be pricey and are hardly a convenient option. A motorhome, on the other hand, offers a whole new level of freedom providing you with a home away from home. Here at Southdowns Motorhome Centre, we’re proud to stock the Carthago range of motorhomes – a name that is both trusted and highly regarded.

We stock motorhomes that range in size and with options to suit all budgets; you’re sure to find precisely what you’re looking for. Below you’ll find a complete listing of the motorhomes that we supply along with detailed specifications that are double checked for accuracy. Each listing also comes with a full description of the motorhome in question and a full photo gallery, so you can see for yourself what you’re purchasing.

But, before you commit, perhaps you’d like to read a little more about what makes a Carthago motorhome feel like you’re travelling around in a luxury hotel.

Introducing Premium Class Construction

What instantly sets a Carthago motorhome apart from all the rest, is its unique construction. Every single one is designed and built with a liner premium class construction type that provides the highest chassis stability due to frame member reinforcement. The addition of internal aluminium walls greatly enhances heat distribution, and the entire frame provides fully tested lightning protection.

Each motorhome is built using cutting-edge lightweight technologies – with a lower gross vehicle weight; capacity is greatly increased. This lightweight construction ensures more economical fuel consumption. You’ll also endure fewer restrictions as a result of road traffic regulations. These motorhomes boast outstanding storage capacity also thanks to innovative features such as large exterior hatches and storage compartments with extra-large loading height.

The latest heating and air conditioning technologies are fitted as standard. A thermal bridge-free main body construction is present due to cold-stop, there’s targeted heating of technical components, and underfloor heating is fitted as standard. All these features are incorporated into Carthago’s unique design which includes a curved roof that increases torsional rigidity while decreasing sensitivity to side winds.

Perfect all-around visibility, a suite of safety features including airbags and ABS systems and the best comparison test value for front visibility complete the overall package. With a Carthago motorhome, you’ll enjoy the safest most comfortable home away from home experience available. To find out more about each of the motorhomes available, click on any of the links below or give Southdowns Motorhome Centre a call today.

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