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Hymer Motorhomes

There are several factors that are vital to consider when purchasing a motorhome. Size, class, and weight all affect whether your motorhome will be fit for purpose. Fortunately, our Hymer motorhome collection has a variety of models to suit any purpose. From larger more spacious vehicles to ones that are compact and efficient, there is sure to be something in our broad range of models that is perfect for you.

Of our Hymer models that are available, many are lightweight. Having a motorhome that is under 3.5 tonnes means that you’ll be much faster on your travels regardless of your cargo. Smaller models, in general, are easier for practical purposes such as finding suitable parking spaces and fitting onto ferries. These kinds of motorhomes are ideal if you are looking for a more versatile vehicle that is less restrictive in manoeuvrability.

We also offer larger motorhomes from Hymer that have greater space for you and your fellow travellers to be comfortable. Each vehicle comes complete with the comforts of home and all the essentials needed to enjoy life on the road. A kitchen, toilet, and lounge facilities are available in all models meaning that you won’t be wanting for anything on your trip.

Our Hymer motorhomes can also seat many passengers safely thanks to the variety of sizes available. Each model comes with a different number of beds that vary in size to accommodate whoever is travelling. You’ll also find that Hymer provides a broad range of lounge area types that are suitable whether they be for a family or a lone traveller. It is the variety in Hymer’s motorhomes that make them such an excellent brand.

To drive a Hymer motorhome, you will need a category B driving license at a minimum. This requirement is necessary because you’ll need to know how to handle a vehicle of this type, particularly for the larger models. If you want any more information regarding the requirements for driving a motorhome, our team will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Whereas motorhomes are always a significant investment, our Hymer models are reasonably priced considering the high-quality facilities that are included. These stylish, durable vehicles are worthy of their price tag and are sure to satisfy your motorhome requirements. Check out the full range on our website now and see for yourself why this manufacturer is so highly regarded.

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