Hymer Exsis-T Fiat Ducato Low-Profile Motorhome - A vision becomes reality

Hymer Exsis-T Fiat Ducato Low-Profile Motorhome

The HYMER Exsis-t is the next episode in the success story of our lightweight motorhomes. With a laden weight of less than 2,900 kg this model range is a near-perfect combination of lightweight construction and comfort. The drive-ready HYMER Exsis-t 678 with an overall length of 7.44 m weighs in at just 2,880 kg unladen. That means it can take plenty more weight without exceeding the important 3.5-ton limit, thereby setting new standards in the semi-integrated class of motorhomes. Specially developed materials, state-of-the-art production techniques, GRP lightweight floors, AL-KO lightweight frames and the brand-specific PUAL body shell all combine to save a good deal of weight in the production of the HYMER Exsis-t without compromising in any way on the equipment features: interior LED lighting, garage doors on both sides and multi-zone cold foam mattresses come as standard along with the comprehensive safety package including airbags, ESP, hill start assist and much more.

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