Paul Meaghan - Sales Advisor

Paul is our newest member of our sales team after previously coming from a tiles distributor.

Paul Meaghan - Southdowns Motorhome Centre Sale Advisor

How did you find yourself working for Southdowns Motorhome Centre?

I used to work with a recruitment company many years ago and a gentleman that used to work there told me about the position at Southdowns.

What is your job title?

Sales Advisor

What does your job as a Sales Advisor, involve?

I meet and greet customers, show them around our motorhomes and spend time finding out what are their specific needs are and tailoring it to their individual requirements. I follow up customers enquiries that have come through either from email or by phone. These filter in from eBay, Autotrader or Loot (websites that have our stock on them).

What is the best thing about working for Southdowns Motorhome Centre?

It has a nice feel working here & the people are great. Feels very much like a family. I also like the “outside living and travelling” feeling of the industry. On our Facebook page, I see customers travelling around Europe and America and posting their experiences. It all looks amazing!

Do you have a personal interest in motorhomes?

I do. As I mentioned I love the concept of travelling and living in a motorhome, but my Grandfather loves motorhoming. He was a boatbuilder by trade & converted an old Ford Thames van which we used to go away on holiday in, those were fantastic times.

If you could fulfil one ambition in your life, what would it be and why?

It would be to spend more time travelling. I recently went to India for a month and it was such a wonderful experience.