Tinel Petru - Vehicle Logistics & Site Manager

Interviewed Spring 2015

One of a number of Romanians now working at Southdowns, Tinel joined the company in April 2014 and has made himself invaluable as the go-to man for vehicle movement logistics, site presentation and maintenance as well as building repairs and decoration!

Tinel PetruQ What made you want to work for Southdowns?
A I spent five years working in construction in Israel and speak good Hebrew but when I got the opportunity to come to the UK when Romania became part of the EU, I decided to come here, learn to speak English and find a job. I spotted a cleaning job and applied for it but because I’m also good at building work and maintenance I’ve quickly become involved in other aspects of the company. Now that Southdowns has acquired a new workshop building, I will be kept very busy helping make it ready for occupation later in 2015.

Q What are your key responsibilities?
A I do whatever anyone in the company needs me to do - I can clean, repair or redecorate anything that needs it but my main responsibility is to keep the building and the showroom looking good.

Q What is the best thing about working for the company?
I am enjoying working at Southdowns for several reasons. I am improving my English, I can send money home to my family and the people here are good to work with. English people are generally good natured and easy to get on with. They treat you with respect and are very polite.

Tinel lives in Portsmouth and has a wife and children at home in Moldavia, Romania. He goes home as often as he can but is planning to stay in the UK for the foreseeable future.